Posted by: voyagerguide | January 7, 2008

What is Japan Business Federation?

Japan Business Federation, known in Japanese as the Nihon Keidanren, is a economic organization founded in May 2002 by amalgamation of Keidanren and Nikkeiren. Its 1584 members consist of 1286 companies including 79 foreign ownership. This organization encourages the government to enact policies which are advantageous for member compaies. And, in comparison with other nations, the head of Japan Business Federation often have a talk with the prime minister directly. The industrial policies of the organiztion are very different from those of the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. On the other hand, JBF positively gets close to the ministry of foreign affairs for the purpose of gaining information about  gloval codes and standards of products. On the whole, JBF is just simple pressure group, because the goal of JBF is buildup of Japanese industrial arena.


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