Posted by: voyagerguide | January 6, 2008

Rakugo, Comic storytelling

Rakugo, a vaudeville performance developed in the Edo Period(1603-1867). Rakugo is performed in entertainment halls called yose. The rakugo artist sits on stage on a dais, wearing a kimono, and performs his humorous piece solo, with puns and wordplay, usually in the form of a dialogue. The main feature is applying the punch line at the end of the piece. Folding fans and hand towels are used for props. In making these sort of props come alive, rakugo artists lead the spectators into an imaginative world. In Japan, the drama series featuring a female rakugo artist is now on air. This drama creates the rakugo boom. The rakugo entertainment hall, Hanjoutei is literally thriving. Rakugo is performed in Japanese, but some rakugo artists attempted to perform rakugo in English and finished up the better off. 


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