Posted by: voyagerguide | December 23, 2007

A Japanese talk about Whale-hunting

Japan is doing whale-hunting from the acient times. Anti-whalers asserted that some pieces of whales are at risk of extinction and that frequent whale-hunting may cause the destruction of the sea ecology. On the other hand, pro-whalers, Japan, Norway, Iceland and so on, insisted that objections of their whale-hunting are not endangered species and that whales may cause the destruction of the sea ecology by eating twice as much fish as humans eat. In Japan, meat of whales appeal to a lot of people except younger generation. In 1988, the Japanese government switched from commercial whaling to research whaling. Since then, much meat of whales didn’t hit the marcket. Therefore, those who were born after the year, 1988, have never eaten meat of whales. It can be said that not all of the Japanese are demanding lifting ban of hunting-whale. And when Japan was under control of occupation forces led by U.S., GHQ encouraged undernourished Japanese people to eat meat of whales. Moreover, when Commodore Perry and his squadron of American ships appeared in Japan to press for the opening of the country, he demanded that the Japanese government should supply water and fuel to ships for whale-hunting. The Japanese government critisized U.S. for having done whale-hunting, but I think that the Japanese government is worth critisizing U.S. The Japanese government is restricting catch by Ainu, the aboriginal people of Japan. And, I think that both anti-whaler and pro-whaler should consider whale-hunting much more. This problem is linked with different kinds of cultures, costoms and habits. Therefore, experience of finding solution to this problem will be worth of praise.     


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