Posted by: voyagerguide | December 21, 2007

The life in Japan, Dec 20

The prices of crude oil skyrocket in the world. In Japan, the price of regular gasoline a litre is $1.36. I don’t feel using cars very costly because I rarely drive the car, but every my families oftem said, “I can’t go on an outing by car. ” The price of kerosene is also high, $0.90. We could buy a litre of regular gasoline for $0.80 some 10 years ago. But the consumer price index of Japan is still below 1%, therefore, Bank of Japan is keeping ultra-loose monetary policy. The deposit rate is close on 0%. But Japan has over $7.2 trillion government bond. If the government raise policy rate, we are suffer from much bond-related expenditures. Whatever will become of Japan?  


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