Posted by: voyagerguide | December 15, 2007

The Latest Japan News: Plaintiffs made cry by blood products are also made cry by nation

In Japan, Fibrinogen, blood products made by Green Cross Corp., was often used to hemorrhaging expectant mothers in 1980s. Afterwards it was revealed that Fibrinogen caused mass infections of hepatitis. First of all, Fibrinogen was banned in 1977 in the United States. The Japanese government banned Fibrinogen in 1988.  Like this, the Japanese government did nothing appropriate as to tainted Fibrinogen, until eight people were infected with hepatitis C in a hospital in Aomori Prefecture in 1987. Since then, many people seemed to infected with Hepatitis C through Fibrinogen sued the nation and drugmakers one after another. Currently, some 200 people are fighting in the court. On Dec.13, the 13 represent some 200 plaintiffs rejected an Osaka High Court compromise settlement apparently because not all the affetced parties would be properly compensated. This compromise settlement is based on a Tokyou District Court ruling in March that narrowed the scope of the defendant’s liablity depending on when the plaintiff were treated with the tainted fibrinogen. The plaintiffs hope that the nation change its stance and help all hepatitis C patients, including the thousands who have not joined the suits. Many patients cannot fight in court because their medical records were destroyed by their doctors.


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