Posted by: voyagerguide | December 12, 2007

The enthusiasm for learnig English in Japan

There are many tests gauging one’s proficiency in English such like TOEIC, TOEFL and the English Proficiency Test. Each test is executed thoughout Japan from two to eight times. With regard to TOEIC, 1.5 million Japanese take it per year. Precisely, TOEIC was developed based on its preccursor, the TOEFL test, following a request from Japan Federation of Economic Organization. The test is held in some 60 countries, but most of the examinee are Japanese and South Korean. Many Japanese companies force employees to take TOEIC test to determine deployments  of employees. In Japan, a lot of books to tell you how to level up your score of TOEIC are sold at book stores. Among them, some books write only makeshift measures to get high score. The real objection of  learning English in Japan is not so much communicating in English as decorating themselves with high score of TOEIC test. 


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