Posted by: voyagerguide | December 10, 2007

What kind of food do the Japanese eat?

Now and ancient Japan has rice farming culture. Rice was incorporated in the late Jomon period(about 8000 B.C. – 300 B.C.) from China or Korean Peninsula. Since them the Japanese have been making livelyhood from rice crop. And so, the Japanese eating life rests on rice. These days, howerer,  most of young Japanese hardly eat rice for breakfast, everyone eat rice for lunch and dinner. Each household has one or two rice cooker which can boil rice about in 30 minutes. And with rice the Japanese eat dish using fish, vegetables and dairy products. Among them, Western foods such like hamburgers, curry and rice, and spaghetti appeal to the Japanese. But I want to reccomend Sukiyaki to visitors to Japan. Sukiyaki  is a dish cooked in a pot at table with beef and bean curd and seasoned soy sause and sugar. This dish goes better with rice and deep-rooted popular food in winter. Writing about Sukiyaki temps me to eat Sukiyaki.  


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