Posted by: voyagerguide | December 8, 2007

The Japanese abductee issue

The many Japanese citizens were abducted by agent of the North Korea government during a period of six years from 1977 to 1983. The North Korean government officially admited the abduction of the thirteem Japanese citizens. But there may have been as many as 70 to 80 citizens kidnapped by North Korea. Currently, the Japanese government claims that the issue has not been properly resolved, and passed two laws designed to restrict trade with North Korea. Afterwards,  U.S. President George W. Bush met Sakie Yokota, mother of abductee Megumi Yokota and said, “one of the most moving meetings “. The pressure from all over the world against North Korea had increased. But now, the world focuses on the nuclear issue of North Korea, the abductee issue is beside the point.


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