Posted by: voyagerguide | December 4, 2007

Debatable argument about the location of Yamatai Country

First of all, Yamatai Country(Yamataikoku in Japanese) was an ancient country in Japan during the Yayoi Period(from about 400 BC to about 300 AD) . The Japanese usually associate Yamati Country with Queen Himiko, who ruled about 30 small countries as a shaman queen. The Chinese histrorical records describes that Himiko dispatched a mission to the Cao Wei kingdom(220-265) in China. And the location of Yamatai Country is one of the most contentious topics in Japanese History. Many histroians have debated “the Yamatai controversy” and hypothesized numerous locations, such like Okinawa. But general consensus centers around two likely locations of Yamatai, either northern Kyushu(the south-west Japan) or  Yamato Province in the Kinki region of central Japan. According to the Chinese materials, the Cao Wei kingdom was said to present one hundreds mirros to the mission dispached by Himiko. And in the recent excavations of a Kofun tomb at the Yoshinogari site in Saga Prefecture in the northen Kyushu archaeologists found 33 “Wei-style” bronze mirrors. And so the “Kyushu theory” is thought to be the most probable in Japan.


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