Posted by: voyagerguide | December 4, 2007

Birth of Japan

In Japan, February 11th is the National Foudation Day. This date is based on the legends in the Nihonshoki text and the Kogiki text which were both compiled in the 8th century. Therefore there are doubt over the histrorical accuracy of the national foudation day.In Japan, there is no histrocial materials which recorded by the 5th century, and we can probably learn more from Chinese text. According to the Chinese text Gokanjo(Histroy of the Later Han Dynasty) the king of Na in Japan dispatched a mission to China. And also The Account of the Wa People in the Wei zhi (The Wei Chronicle) wrote that Himiko, the queen of Yamatai Country, rules some 30 coutries. These materials poin that ancient small countries were gradually unified into one polity, which served as the basis for current Japan.  


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