Posted by: voyagerguide | November 30, 2007

What is the highest mountain in Japan?

It is of course Mt.Fuji, which is 3,776 meters high. By comparison with the world’s highest peaks such as Mt. Everest (Chomolungma 8,848 meters), Mt.Fuji seems to be a low mountain. But why this mountain is loved by the Japanese and some visitors to Japan is it has a nearly perfect conical profile and wide-flowing skirt. The admiration of this beauty has been not changed ever since ancient Japan. In fact many renowned artists of the Edo period (the feudal period of Japan 1603-1868)have taken up the challenge to depict Mt. Fuji. In particular “Fugaku Sanju-rokkei”(36 scenes of Mt.Fuji) in which Mt. Fuji was painted from various perspectives at various hours of the day in each season by Hokusai Katsushika has won great acclaim from various worlds.  Like this Mt. Fuji have been loved by not only present people but also the then people.



Mt. Fuji from sky (fromWikipedia Japan)


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